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This is also a teen friendly game, without any erotica content at all, which I have to admit is kind of nice.

I will point out, however, that at least one character has breasts so unfeasibly large for her frame that it pushes her into soft core—well, soft core hilarity, to be honest. Bit of a pity, as the art is generally clean and attractive.

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I also give this game major points for representation for trying to deal, at least lightly, with the challenges a lesbian might face when romantically involved with an asexual girl, wile having her own desires.

It’s a theme I rarely see addressed, let alone in a visual novel about catgirls.

And then another catgirl follows from the same dimension…

I enjoyed the early aspects more than the whacky catgirl hijinks, as you can probably tell.

There is no obvious stats building or rpg elements, though, so this is less a dating sim, and more of a choose-your-own adventure, choice-based story.The popularity of accessible engines such as Ren’Py have dramatically increased the availability of Western visual novels, including OELVNs (original English language visual novels) to readers.So far, yuri visual novels, the usual name for f/f novels in the community,—also known as GXG (Girl X Girl) or shojou-ai (girl love) novels have been distinctly the out if someone is putting a picture of their CHILDREN on a dating site.A catgirl is a female character with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline.

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